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  The Guest Services out of the park Guest Services and Family Services
Guest Services The Guest Services Window, on the left side outside of the Main Gate, serves as an information counter for guests, providing Studio Guides and other brochures.
The Guest Services Lobby, located just inside the Main Gate of the Studios,offers Barrier Free Guides for guests with disabilities, Assisted Listening Devices, Studio Guides in English, Chinese and Korean, Lost & Found, Message Service, Lost Chlldren, Currency Exchange (U.S.Dollar Cash, Yen Travelers Checks), Transportation Information (bus, ferry, train) and Mail Service.
Family Services Nursing facilities and a companion restroom are available at Family Services inside the Guest Services Lobby.
Lost Child Center Located beside of the Guest Services Lobby.
Mail Services If you wish to mail letters or post cards, please Purchase your stamps at Studlo Gifts West, Beverly Hills Gifts, or California Paper Co. and drop them off at the Guest Services Lobby. Each item mailed will bear an original Universal Studios Japan postmark.
Studio Information
Studio Information Visit one of our three Studio lnformation Boards that are designated on the Studio Map. There you can view the latest Studio Information including attraction wait times, next show times, and operating hours.You may also pick up a Restaurant Guide and a Shopping Guide.
Assisted Listening Devices (Japanese Only) The Studios are equipped with transmitters for assisted listening devices. Receivers are Provided free of charge from the Guest Services Lobby in the Studios.
Braille Map
Braille Map Braille maps are situated in six locations within the Studios (buildings and other landmark features are indicated in Braille). Guidance instructions to find the Braille map locations may be received through the assisted listening devices.
First Aid and Wheelchair/Ecv/Stroller Rental
Wheelchair/Ecv/Stroller Rental Located inside the Main Gate on the rightside (※please refer to the Studio Guide Map).
First Aid Located inside the Main Gate on the right side (※please refer to the Studio Guide Map)
Restrooms Restrooms are available for guests using wheelchairs or requiring a larger space.
・Wheelchair accessible (15 locations)
・Restrooms with a nursing bed (4 locations)
・Restaurant restrooms (11 locations)
・Ostomate compatible restrooms (2 locations)
Public Phones Public Phones in the Studios are located next to the restrooms.
Lockers There are three coin-operated locker areas. Two are located outside the Main Gate on both the left and right sides. One is located inside the Main Gate on the right side.
UFJ Bank Resona Bank JCB, VISA
Automated Teller Machine One ATM location is available within the Studios(UFJ Bank)and two locations outside the Studios (Resona Bank and credit card companies). The ATM located next to Studio Gifts East is available in English.
Credit Cards UniversaI Studios Japan accepts VISA, JCB and MasterCard credit cards at select dining and shopping locations within the Studios.
Delivery Services
(Charged Parcel-Delivery Service)
lf you Prefer, we can ship your packages from Universal Studios Japan for an additional charge. Located at Studio Gifts East.
・Home Delivery: Ship your packages to your home or any location. Drop your purchases off at Studio Gifts East.
・Hotel Delivery: lf you would like your luggage or Packages delivered to one of Universal Studios Japan's official, AIliance, or Associate Hotels, you may drop them off at Studio Gifts East by 11:00 am on the day of delivery.
Cheki Rental
(Instant Camera)
Rent a CHEKI lnstant Camera with film at Backlot Photo.
For Smoking Guests You are kindly requested not to smoke in the queues of attractions, inside attractions, restaurants and shops, and while walking around the Studios. Please confine your smoking to the areas designated on the Studio Guide Map and please dispose of your cigarettes in the ash trays provided.
Picnic Area
Picnic Area Guests who have brought food and drink with them are requested to consume these items in the designated Picnic Area outside of the Main Gate.
Group Photo Pavilion
Group Photo Pavilion Located outside of the Main Gate near the Parking Lot, an incredible set makes this the perfect Place for a group photo
Kennel Please use the Kennel facility for temporary care of your pets, located next to the Group Photo Pavilion outside the Main Gate.
Expectant Mothers Due to the nature of the attractions, some attractions have requirements for expectant mothers. They are listed on the Studio Guide Map. Please ask Crew Members for directions to the waiting area at these attractions so that you may rejoin your party at the end of their ride.
Show Schedule Please see the Show Schedule for todav's Attractions' times. Studio hours and operation of attractions are subject to change, delav or cancellation without notice, due to inclement weather, production shooting schedules and other causes. Many attractions have height and health requirements in the interest of your safety. Please ask Crew Members for details. Seating is available on a first come basis. Shows close when theaters are full or performances begin.
Single Rider lf you don't mind splitting yourparty the wait time for single riders can be greatly reduced at designated attractions. Please see an attraction Crew Member at the entrance of The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man -The Ride, Jurassic Park -The Ride, JAWS or E.T.Adventure for assistance.
Child Switch Parents or guardians whose children don't meet the height requirements of these attractions should take advantage of our "Child Switch" program. Everyone can now enjoy the HoIlywood Experience. Please ask an attraction Crew Member for details.
Re-Entry When you leave the park, you cannot re-enter the park. You can re-enter the park only when you have a universal annual pass.

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