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If saying the largest theme park in Osaka?
Universal Studios Japan !!
Meeting USJ!

The attraction of the surprise and being moved♪
Then, that are delightful of contact with the character of the movie and the cartoon actually USJ!
Hooray For Hollywood-♪

However, don't forget!!
There is an important element which is creating the atmosphere of the park!
It is a set facade ( the set of the movie )!
These set facades are creating the mood at the rows of stores and houses on a street and in Hollywood which is peculiar to USJ.

Also, in USJ, rows of stores and houses on a street by these set facades are called a back lot movie set street.
By " the USJ ramble! "
We tell mainly the attractiveness of USJ in the set facade of each which made eyes while walking at this back lot movie set street!

※ The set facade
The one which was created for the movie photography in the meaning, the front, the front at the building, is called a set facade with the facade.

※ The back lot movie set street
The back lot is a meaning at the site for the photography.
The street of USJ is reproducing the photography place where everywhere is genuine.

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    • The explanation of the facade of the set every area and the scenery, the attraction. There is Wall Paper for the PC, and so on,!
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    It is possible to upload from the cell phone, too,! (The BBS pages are currently available in Japanese only.)
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The copyright and so on

" The USJ ramble! " ( Hereinafter this site ) is the site which the manager who is the fan of USJ is managing by the individual.
It is doing a management irrespective of Universal Studios Japan "! and the related organization.
For the movie, the person, the facilities, the attraction which appears on this site, the name, the standing-next of the brand and so on
The copyright and all trademark right of the character and the goods and so on belong to each of each organizations and owner.
In this site, on the relation which does a wide range of explanations about the above, it sometimes uses each name but it is not the one to have had a purpose of the infringement of the copyright.
In this site, it omits displays such as the trademark.
Each copyright and trademark see this place.
The copyright and the trademark and so on
The copyrights such as the article and the image which is carried into this site belong to " The USJ ramble! ".

About the privacy

This site sometimes can know direct personal information in case of exchange of the e-mail such as contact.
There is not to elucidate the personal information of the customer who could know except for the case to have been required in the case from the legal organization and the case where the customer was consented to in the elucidation to the 3rd person absolutely.

The profile of the web master
Name USJ Walker
E-mail usjwalker[at]
About me

・ It is small that it went to the seeing in the Osaka expo.
・ It likes the distilled spirits and they have a favorite shop.→ " Izakaya Sanki "
・ The principle that the liquor drinks the one which fits food not particular about the brand
Also, it has a favorite shop to London, too.→ "DARUMA-SAN"
・ I was born in Osaka and grew up in Osaka.So-called native Naniwa person.
・ I love Audrey Hepburn still and don't suffer from her.

The motive which began this site

I was moved by the atmosphere in the park when setting foot on the first time USJ!
When whether or not it was making in this way, the 1st had passed in no time by seeing imminently while admiring and looking at the whole view with the set of the movie.
For me, of course, the attraction was delightful.
( The lower back got to seem to come off economically at the back draft ) However, it is drinking beer only while considering a lagoon while without any definite purpose entering the restaurant which the feeling was suitable for by walking swingingly in the park and I was very delightful.
( I am greatly made to fit beer by this which was delighted by Onion Blossom of that day Finnegan's Bar & Grill *of* it! )
Short, as for me, at the building,! I who discovered " the plate which carved the title of the movie and the name of the building " noticed that the set which is the first time at this time and is genuine was reproduced finally.
I was actually affected!
That I looked at the set had done to do the becoming of to like of being since then.
Because ( it became a feeling because I was the set of Hollywood which is of? however genuine about ) whether or not ( it will be maniac and ) it knew an again genuine movie set
Even if it was seeing a movie, the set became a feeling and became hopeless.
It only enjoys the show which is the highlights of USJ absolutely and an attraction and " the crossing of only 1 day of " will be full from being entered the day to have been crowed and the distant place.
Of course, it is enough in it.
If you can enjoy USJ, it is the thing which is wonderful in the maximum for you.
Only, will the pleasure to have known that the building which you are looking at swingingly was the set of the movie which is genuine respectively with and to be different from it not be taken account of?
If being the movie which much more and you know and the movie which the star to like appeared on, to be affected, too, will be much more.
I began an idea site in case of a little much and wanting set facade itself, too, pleasantly by being a ramble but introducing the movie set to have taken the photograph in this and that and USJ.
Because there is a lot of excellent fan site about each show and attraction, it feels not to be the curtain that s I go out from now.
Therefore, it isn't doing an I too much about them thrust coverage.
It thinks that I want to continue to be particular about the stance as the site which tells the attractiveness and the mood of USJ persistently mainly in the set facade.

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